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Stuck in the Storm

So there we were, our first snowstorm, no kids, no responsibilities, time to make waffles for every meal. Growing up I wasn't really aware of something called pancake mix. My mother is the most incredible baker, one of her specialties was the famous Hampe family waffle recipe. Although she inherited this recipe from her own mother, I know she snuck in her own way of doing things, omitting ingredients, using her own measurements, and tinkering with baking time. It is the one recipe card of mine that has no instructions, just ingredients. In order to really be part of our family, you need to have made this recipe yourself (with permission from my mom of course).

Here it is in all its glory. Simple to the point.

3 cups flour

1 cup sugar

1/2 cup oil (my fav is grapeseed oil)

2 cups milk (or milk alternative)

5 eggs

You will also need

2 large mixing bowls

a fork or whisk

measuring cups

2 small dip bowls

handheld electric mixer

waffle maker, griddle, or frying pan

That's it folks. A five ingredient, no frills, waffle/pancake recipe (although I am a waffle loyalist for this recipe).

I will give you more than my mother did for me. It isn't a complicated process, but each step is important to succeed.

1. Plug in waffle maker or preheat griddle

2. Start with combining the flour and sugar in a large mixing bowl. I then add my oil and milk. I use a fork to mix at this point, but you can also use a whisk or a standing mixer.

3. Here is the hard part. You must separate your eggs. You are going to need a separate mixing bowl for the egg WHITES*.

4. Fold in the egg yolks to the batter.

5. In your other large mixing bowl you will use your handheld electric mixer to beat the egg whites into a foam. This will take a few minutes so do not get discouraged if it seems to take a long time. They will start with big bubbles and slowly form into white peaks. Once you have achieved prime peaks, you may fold the egg white foam into your waffle batter. Growing up my mother used her electric mixer for this part, this time around I used a spatula (I wanted maximum fluff). Don't mix it too much or you will lose the airiness that the egg whites provide.

6. You can spray your waffle maker with a cooking spray but I have found that the oil in the recipe usually is enough for them to not stick for me, I use a 1/3 or 1/4 measuring cup to pour my batter into my waffle maker or onto the griddle. Look for that light brown color to know that they are finished. The less time you leave them in, the fluffier your waffles will be. The longer you leave them in, the crunchier they will become. Almost cookie like.

7. These waffles and pancakes are super sweet but you can add maple syrup, butter, or any berry you would like as a topping. From childhood I have discovered that my favorite topping for these waffles is the batter** itself.

I hope you enjoyed my family waffle recipe. Tweaks are always welcome.

with love,

Magical Margaret

*I have found that in the past I have ruined a whole batch of egg whites when I break just one yolk. My secret is to use small dip bowls to separate each egg individually and adding it to your large mixing bowl after each new egg. That way if you are 3 eggs in and on the 4th egg you break the yolk, you only have to redo one egg, instead of wasting the previous 3.

**I don't recommend this to everyone, especially anyone with a weak stomach since you will be eating raw eggs, I myself have never gotten sick so I will continue to live my best batter life.

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